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About Us

Looking Beyond Probabilities. 
Shaping a Future of Possibilities.

Discovering life changing ideas through preclinical drug development and forging pathways for our clients to shape these ideas into bold and life-changing solutions. This is our focus at Calvert Holdings. 

Calvert Holdings is the parent company of Calvert LabsCalvert Research, and Crescent Green Management Advisors

The home of Calvert Holdings in Cary, NC.  Russ McLauchlan tells the story of Calvert at a recent meeting.  The Calvert Marketing Group (CMG) hanging out in downtown Raleigh on a Friday afternoon. 
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We are a diverse team of entrepreneurs, business developers, researchers, marketers and scientists committed to optimizing the success of our partners. We drive this success by identifying unseen opportunities and ensuring they can be fully realized by helping our partners secure the resources needed to fill crucial infrastructure, scientific and financial gaps. While life sciences comprise our core focus, we are constantly seeking to partner and collaborate with like-minded organizations who embrace the philosophy that there is always a solution that can lead to new potential, greater growth, and a better future for all of us. 

We are visionaries. We are innovators. We are Calvert.