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Calvert Research


Calvert Research, a strategic advisory and equity investment firm, partners, collaborates and invests in entrepreneurial early-stage drug companies to help them advance the next generation of breakthrough therapeutics quickly and efficiently through preclinical studies and into humans.

The management team at Calvert Research is comprised of a group of multi-disciplinary senior pharmaceutical and biotechnology executives experienced in all facets of drug discovery, development and commercialization. By combining our deep management expertise in all of these areas, Calvert Research contributes significant value toward identifying, evaluating and advancing the most promising compounds from the bench to the clinic that demonstrate a promise of improving human health.

Through our early involvement in a product’s life cycle, we help to optimize a drug’s future potential and thereby create more value for our portfolio companies.


In addition to our Services-for-Equity investment model, Calvert Research can also facilitate outside capital investments in our portfolio companies via the Calvert Investment Group (“CIG”).  CIG is comprised of individual angel investors who know and trust the Calvert management team, and who choose to co-invest in Calvert’s portfolio companies on a selective basis.

There is great promise on the horizon for the next generation of breakthrough therapeutic drugs. It all begins with Calvert Research.

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