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Bart Spainhour


Charles “Bart” Spainhour
Chief Scientific Officer

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About Dr. Spainhour

Bart Spainhour is always looking for the “win-win,” an opportunity to provide solutions and value to all parties involved.  This is the approach he brings to business, finding ways to move his clients down the road to success, all the while continuing to build Calvert’s value in the industry.

Having spent more than 45 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Spainhour knows the power of hard work, honesty and integrity. He’s held positions in both the research and development segments of the drug development timeline at GSK. He has also spent time as a practicing veterinarian, an independent consultant in the areas of safety assessment and forensic toxicology, a toxicologist for various CROs, and a faculty member at the veterinary school of Texas A & M University. He holds the roles of Chief Scientific Officer for Calvert Holdings and President & Chief Scientific Officer for Calvert Labs—where he works hard every day to ensure that we are recognized as the best CRO in the business.


Dr. Spainhour’s Labs (from left to right): Tim, Mike, Jinkx, Pokey

To balance out his work, Dr. Spainhour understands the importance of maintaining a keen sense of humor and having fun at what you do. He enjoys photography, gardening and woodworking, but most of all, he loves training his Labrador Retrievers for field trials.