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Katherine Adams


Katherine Adams
Office Manager

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about katherine

In her role for Calvert Holdings, Katherine is the person who makes that all-important “first impression” for the company. She’s the first person people see when they walk in the front door—and the last one they see as they leave. Katherine is the organizer, the caretaker, and the glue that holds everything together. And she’s also the proverbial “den mother” for the entire Calvert Holdings staff—making sure that everyone has what they need when they need it.

Prior to joining Calvert in 2005, Katherine held several positions that prepared her for her role with our company. She was an elementary school teacher for a number of years—which taught her patience and the ability to listen and focus on the needs of those around her.  She also worked with Wachovia Mortgage Services—perfecting the customer service and administrative skills that come to her so naturally.

Katherine loves to travel around the world with her family—seeking out the next great adventure. And, at home, she enjoys scrapbooking to capture the memories she made on the road.