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The Calvert Story

A focus on individual relationships. A belief that independent contract services could meet and exceed the quality of in-house services. And a drive not just to do things differently—but to do them better. These are aspirations that form the foundation of the Calvert Holdings story.

Russ McLauchlan, Chairman and CEO

Emerging from the vision of Chairman and CEO Russ McLauchlan, Calvert Holdings was developed to offer a broad range of services in the life sciences industry and beyond. Its first company was Calvert Labs, which evolved out of one of the first contract research organizations in the pharmaceutical industry.

Looking for a way to expand his vision of Calvert Holdings and bridge the funding gap between early stage technologies and clinical-stage development, McLauchlan established Calvert Research. Calvert Research works in conjunction with our CRO affiliate, Calvert Labs, to optimize a drug’s potential and accelerate its path to success by facilitating a seamless transition to leading bio/pharma companies.

Most recently, Crescent Green Management Advisors (CGMA) was formed within Calvert Holdings. McLauchlan, who has an established reputation as a successful angel investor, saw the need to provide strategic management and advisory services to emerging businesses in the Triangle. CGMA fills that gap, serving the needs of start-ups and entrepreneurs both within and outside the life sciences sector.

The Calvert Holdings story is one of forward thinking and unlimited potential. It’s one of an open and trusting dialogue between us and our clients. And it’s one of a never-ending quest for better solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.